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It´s Twelve Recruitment´s Job to Help You

Who are we?

Twelve Recruitment specialises in Recruitment to Recruitment Consultancy focussing on finding new fee earning talent, from entry level to directors.
We have had great success in installing graduate recruiters/ senior recruiters and team hires as well.  We can proudly boast that whatever role you are looking for we can find you the right job.
Twelve Recruitment is not just a Recruitment to Recruitment Consultancy.  We are career coaches, life managers and dedicated mentors who stick with you throughout your entire job search and beyond. Since our inception in 2012, we have adhered to our vision of excellence, which revolves around a personalised, transparent service for our candidates and clients alike.  We deliver our service with efficiency and speed.  Our consultants are passionate about knowing the intricacies of the recruitment market and work tirelessly to match everyone with a job that is not just a fit for them, but is perfect for them.
Twelve Recruitment understands the recruitment process like no one else in the business.  With so many recruitment firms opening in the UK and around the world we strive to provide you with the most excellent service the market has to offer.  We take the time to learn about our candidates, find out about your desired career, and only represent those clients that you would take pleasure in joining forces with.  We dedicate time to understanding our clients’ specific market, what their requirements are, and most importantly, the culture their environment provides.
In our short history, we have successfully developed long-term partnerships with SME’s, FTSE 250 firms, and award-winning Virgin Fast Track companies.  We have a diligent workforce that provides you with friendly support and advice in this highly competitive environment. We are focussed on working with you, not for you, and know we will find you the right option, not the ‘just because’ option.

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Recruitment can be a scary world especially if you get the wrong ‘gig’.  We ensure we understand our clients, their requirements and the roles offered to ensure you have a smooth transition into the job.  Our premium expertise will assist you in overcoming any obstacles the recruitment process may bring.  Each consultant adopts a thorough, but friendly approach and will assess your individual requirements, allowing you to feel supported and secure throughout your search.
A career in recruitment will give you some of the most important traits and skills that are necessary to become a top manager in a business.  Some of the world’s top influencers today have started in a sales driven careers (i.e. Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Howard Schultz). To be successful in recruitment, you need to be empathetic, focussed and prepared to take responsibility.  Recruitment gives you a long-lasting career with endless opportunities for growth and expansion. 

The progression available in this field of work is unmatched by any other.  Along with this comes a rewarding salary and high commission structure.  Nothing is more rewarding than getting more money when you work harder.  It is also rewarding to see the fruits of your labour expand and grow. 

The world of recruitment is exciting, and Twelve Recruitment are excited to be the company to introduce you to that fun, vibrant environment.  We are happy to invite you to contact us with any questions about recruitment and look forward to joining forces with you to land you your indefinite career.
We pride ourselves in how we operate.  All of the staff here at Twelve are fully checked to make sure they follow the four key pillars of our philosophy:  Honesty, Transparency, Integrity and Excellence
Matt Sedgwick
Managing Director
Why I'm here :
Why Recruitment? I wanted to raise the profile of sales as a career in the UK and help graduates with the transition from studies into their professional career. I work as hard as possible to secure more than just a position for candidates and more than just a person for clients.

Why Twelve? I started Twelve to build a recruitment company like no other competitor in the industry. I wanted to start a company that is the best experience for candidates and clients alike; meaning supporting candidates in their pursuit to secure the best job, to offer challenging, rewarding, and progressive positions for ambitious and talented individuals, and to match clients with candidates who are committed, intuitive, and the best cultural fit possible.

Best Experience at Twelve? My best experience here at Twelve is being given the opportunity to build up teams completely from scratch. This has been externally, for our clients, and internally.

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James Carpenter
Why I'm here :
Why Recruitment? Once I finished university, I wanted to be involved in a role that offered me the chance to work autonomously and control my own future; I stumbled upon the recruitment industry by accident. After reading into the job profile, I realised this was the opportunity I was searching for. Playing sports from a young age created a competitive mindset within me, and recruitment gave me a platform to feed this mindset.

Why Twelve? The biggest issue I had when looking through the industry’s biggest names was some of their 'one size fits all' tactics. Here at Twelve we only send candidates to firms that align with their views and best interests.

Best Experience at Twelve? My best experience with Twelve, so far, was the first assessment day I was involved in. It was a huge accomplishment for me to sit in that room, and watch my candidates get to work, and ultimately get the job.

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Luke Van Rooyen
Why I'm here :
Why Recruitment? I decided to pursue the recruitment industry because my personality is the perfect fit for it. My ambitious attitude along with my ability to express empathy for our candidates ensures I provide the attention and guidance that graduates need. I have a target-driven way of working, and in recruitment, if you work hard, you will reap the rewards.

Why Twelve? Twelve Recruitment was the obvious choice after I had my first encounter with Matt’s leadership style. He will coach me into the best representative for clients and candidates and point me into my desired career path for the future.

Best Experience at Twelve? The best moment has been successfully transitioning a graduate into their first role. I was able to see my hard work turn into positive results and follow the journey of the graduate all the way through. The transformation of this graduate was phenomenal, and I can’t wait to help many more.

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Kim Allen
Associate Consultant
Why I'm here :
Why recruitment? I’ve always enjoyed the aspect of working within a multi-faceted role, as I knew that this would be something that would play to my strengths. Being a law graduate I’ve been given the platform to develop my way of critical thinking as well as thinking on my feet, in a way that I believe is well adapted to that of a recruiter. Recruitment is certainly an industry that you can progress in and if you perform well, you have the ability to move quite rapidly up the corporate ladder. The opportunities and learning are endless, and this not only contributes to your professional development, but also your personal development.

Why Twelve? Personally, from the second I got off the phone after my first interview – there was no other company that I wanted to work for. Having the ability to contribute to the growth and development of a start-up company is something that I have always strived towards, as I know that my efforts and hard work can form part of the framework. Knowing that my efforts and opinions are valued is something that I believe is really important.

Best experience at Twelve? To say the ‘team’ is a bit of an odd one, but that’s the truth. I can quite honestly say that having a team that is as supportive, motivating and like-minded as my colleagues has made Twelve the best experience for me. I have the opportunity to be trained by the best professionals in this field, I meet some of the best graduates, and I constantly have the ability to discover something new about myself.

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This Could Be You?
Talent Scout and Marketing Manager
Why I'm here :
To tell you Twelve Recruitment is hiring!

Do you have?
A degree and work experience during university
A passion to work in an entrepreneurial environment

Are you?
Hungry and driven to succeed
Self motivated/ success driven
Engaging and exciting

If yes, send your CV to

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