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Twelve Recruitment is a full spectrum Recruitment to Recruitment Consultancy. Our expertise lies in introducing fee earners to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the path you choose with us, we aim to build a long-term relationship with you and work tirelessly until you are satisfied with the product we give you.

Recruitment to Recruitment

While our work is not solely centred upon recruitment firms, we acknowledge that the Rec2Rec market is an individual entity and sometimes a helping hand is needed to identify and source the correct staff. Twelve Recruitment works with recruitment companies across the legal, finance, technology and marketing sectors, (amongst others).
Our clients are Public Limited Companies (PLCs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other, growing companies.
Recruitment is one of the few industries that has actually grown since the recession. It is now worth over £32bn a year in both temporary and permanent revenue. This growth has seen a change in the process for companies and seen them become more quality driven.
Clients tell us that they choose Twelve Recruitment over our competition as we have the best interests of our clients at heart. Even in heavily candidate driven markets, we still offer dedicated advice to our clients. We aim to introduce candidates to you that are permanent, hard-working, and ambitious.
We work with
    Experienced Rec2Rec
    Experienced Rec2Search
    In-house recruiter requirements
For further information on opportunities in recruitment please email

Psychometric Testing

Recruiting, whilst a talent, is still a very subjective mission. With this mind, Twelve Recruitment now offers Psychometric Testing to add a non-emotional element in your decision-making. These tests aim to secure a higher rate of success in on-boarding top billing consultants, ensure better targetted interviews, and reduce costly ‘bad hires’. Register above or email us at today to find out more.

  • Aimed at identifying the selling style of your applicants or employees and how they are perceived by others.
  • Offers illustration of their personal style using a simple quadrant-based diagram and line graph.
  • Provides suggestions for best practice management of applicants or employees.
  • Enables applicant or employee to understand best practice of how to sell to different DISC types.

For further information please view our downloadable PDF.

  • Aimed at identifying applicants' suitability for your role by analysing their core behaviours and required competencies.
  • Offers simple graphical representation of suitability detailing applicants' competencies & behaviours.
  • Provides tailored interview questions ensuring targeted interviews and advanced understanding of applicants.
  • Enables interviewer to cross reference applicants in a simple and systematically manner.

For further information please view our downloadable PDF.

Campaign Management

Twelve Recruitment prides themselves on their team building ability. Our Campaign Managment option is great for companies that are looking to hire new sales team or to grow by an intake of five or more.

We have sucessfully helped a number of businesses from start up business to established businesses grow in this manner. For more information contact Matt Sedgwick on 0203 587 7513

Video Interviews

We also offer our candidates the opportunity to show our clients the best version of themselves through the use of an innovative and exciting video interviewing platform. Virtual profiles allow you to see what our candidates can offer more effectively than on the fast becoming outdated CV.