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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Recruitment?
Recruitment is the process by which a person is placed or hired into a particular job. It is an aspect of the business world that is an absolute necessity. Just think, when your business starts to grow, what is the first thing you need to do? Recruit and hire new employees! Recruitment is not limited to just one sector; every industry has a recruitment need and it is the job of Recruitment Consultants to satisfy and fill that need. As a Recruitment Consultant, you will develop a collaborative relationship with your client to fully understand their specific company culture and who their ideal candidate will be.
What are the Hours of a Recruitment Consultant?
Working as a Recruitment Consultant is definitely more than a 9:00 to 18:00 job. More than likely, these hours will extend themselves to later and even earlier times. This is because when dealing with people, problems can arise at any time of day. For example, you may have found an incredibly suitable candidate that is already working a job from 9:00 to 18:00. By the time they commute home and are available to speak to you properly it would be 19:30. The workload in recruitment is always growing, especially if you hit your KPIs. It will be an environment that will push you to challenge yourself as a character and professional, but continually learn and grow.
What is the Salary of a Graduate Recruitment Consultant?
The starting base salary of a Recruitment Consultant in the graduate or entry level ranges from about £20,000 to about £25,000. A lot of factors go into determining your final base salary. Your prior work experiences, your skillset, the specific industry you will be joining, and the location/ company you will be working at all determine the exact amount your base salary will be. In addition to this, Recruitment Consultants are also rewarded on commission basis. The OTE (On Target Earnings) in your first year of working within recruitment are realistically around the £35,000 mark. The exact number is hard to determine because it is dependent on the amount of work and effort you put into placing your own pool of candidates. Each company has different terms of business and rewards their consultants differently. Your OTE could easily be much higher than the £35,000 mark; regardless, by the time you progress and excel in your position, you will be earning enough to not even worry about the exact figure.
What is the Career Progression within Recruitment?
The career progression within recruitment varies from company to company. However, the general stages of progression begin in a Trainee Recruitment Consultant capacity. In this role, you begin your training and development within the world of recruitment. Once grasping the techniques of the trade, gathering an understanding of your clients, and showing the drive to continue into more senior level roles, you will progress into a Recruitment Consultant. In this stage, you start to grow your pool of candidates and clients, and start to work more independently. Once you show the capacity to be promoted even further, you become the manager of your own team. Here, you start to manage your own consultants and set your own targets.
What can Twelve Recruitment do for Me?
Twelve Recruitment is a luxury, professional services recruitment to recruitment firm. Our specialty lies in finding graduates their first or second job; our team has a combined twenty-two years’ experience of helping graduates figure out their next steps.  Since 2012, we have boasted about providing a transparent and honest approach to the recruitment industry. In line with this, we audit our clients so we can have a clear understanding of who they truly are. This way we can dictate to them what a ‘good’ graduate is and facilitate the entire process by putting you forward to only companies that are suitable and the right fit for you. When you are in the process, we speed it up by placing you in front of the key decision makers in the business really early on and then provide you instant access to their feedback afterwards. Throughout this entire process, we are here to be your coach and develop your techniques through unwritten advise and personal training. We don’t just care about finding you a job, we value in you finding the best career for you.
What Sectors does Twelve Recruitment Recruit For?
Twelve Recruitment is a professional services recruitment firm. The three main industries we recruit into are the Finance & Accounting sector, the Legal sector, and the Technology sector. These are some of the most exciting, continuously growing sectors you can start your career in. Twelve Recruitment has also established long-lasting relationships with companies whose main focus does not lie in those three main industry. 40% of the roles that we work on are actually not advertised. Some of our clients work in the industries of Procurement, Media, Pharmaceuticals, and more! Apply through our website and we will be happy to discuss how your particular interest and our clients could be perfect for each other.
What is the Typical Culture within Recruitment Firms?
There is no set culture that is commonplace in the recruitment industry. Each company brings about their own unique twist on how things are run in their offices. We represent a broad range of clients. Each have a completely different culture. For example, one of our clients have a gym in their office while another has a breakfast buffet available for their employees every day. Although each office has its own individual buzz, there are some underlying themes that can be used to describe all recruitment firms. First is fast-paced and energetic. Recruitment firms are constantly busy with work at all hours of the day; not a single day passes where the speed of the work slows down. Next is challenging. In recruitment, you are always working with people, one of the most unpredictable products in the world. Unexpected challenges arise daily, and you must think fast and act fast to handle them. Last is exciting. The constant challenges and fast-paced work means you will always be in a fun environment with a constant buzz in the air.
What happens in Graduate Schemes?
Companies offer positions as graduate schemes to clearly define a training development program for graduates. They do not expect you to know any types of techniques or specific information, rather they want to craft you individually and educate you in the way the company handles business. Within graduate schemes, companies present their new graduate employees a plethora of different programs to develop their knowledge and skills as a recruitment consultant. An example of this would be having weekly one-on-one meetings with your superior to discuss how your week has been, the progress they have seen, anything they saw that went wrong, and then planning ahead for the next week. Moreover, they could have set aside an hour each day to conduct a training session on technique or technology training. A final example would be having a mentor within the company. They would be someone to look up to, to follow examples from, and someone you could talk about any problems you may have with. Graduate schemes are usually also a fast track strategy to get you into a management position by the end of one or two years.
Why is Recruitment a Good Career for Graduates?
It seems that it is becoming more and more commonplace that once someone graduates from their respective university, they don’t have the slightest clue of what they want to pursue as a career. Why would you? It is natural to be “lost in the crowd” and doubt every industry you consider looking at because of your lack of exposure to certain roles. There are always some concerns about hitting that apply button and potentially committing to a career for what could be your entire life. You should have NO concerns when applying to be a graduate recruitment consultant. Recruitment offers an immense amount of incentives such as trips abroad, a career that is exciting and challenging on a day-to-day basis, a clear pathway to progress up the chain of command, and a rewarding, fat pay check at the end of every month! A graduate recruitment consultant could be the perfect starting point for your career.
What Degree do I need to Work in Recruitment?
Good news, bad news. Bad news is there is no such thing as a degree in recruitment. Good news is there is no specific degree you must graduate with to work in recruitment! The industry currently has and probably never will have a requirement for a degree. In some specific sectors, there is a preference for degrees that align with the industry. For example, a legal headhunter position will have a preference for legal graduates just because they are knowledgeable about the industry. However, even then, they will hire consultants who have graduated with a totally irrelevant degree. Just for example, the team here at Twelve Recruitment all graduated from different universities with different degrees: History, Finance, Hospitality, and Chemistry. The only point that we all share is our passion to succeed in recruitment.
What Prior Experience do I need to Work in Recruitment?
There is no specific prior experience that is required to work in Recruitment. However, there are certain qualifications companies will look at to determine your suitability even before giving you a chance. They will look at your education, your work experience, any extracurricular activities you have participated in such as sports, clubs, drama, volunteering experience, and any additional skills you may have. It is urgent to have these qualifications, not only when you apply for positions in recruitment, but for any business related job. What these qualifications show is your personal characteristics and traits. If you were a client and were faced with two different candidates: candidate A graduated from a university with a first, worked throughout university, and is an active member in a local rugby team while candidate B did not graduate from university and has been without a job for the past two years, who do you hire? Candidate A will get the offer 10 times out of 10.
What do Clients look for in Graduates?
Each client has different interview styles and different questions they like to ask their potential future employees. Here at Twelve Recruitment we pride ourselves on having a clear understanding of all our clients. Rather than sending you straight into an interview with them, we prepare you thoroughly by covering their exact interview style/questions and what they are looking for in their future employee. The similarities in what the majority, if not all of our clients look for are two things: commitment to the industry and commitment to the company/job role. When in front of client, you will need to have a clear-cut, decisive answer when they question you about your commitment. If you show dedication, motivation, and ambition to perform above the rest, you will already be one step forward in securing a position.
What are the Benefits of Working with a Rec2Rec Firm?
There are only benefits to be reaped when working with a recruitment to recruitment firm. We want to help you land a career that is the perfect fit for you; as soon as we know that our services won’t benefit you, we will let you know in order not to waste anymore of your time. The essential benefit from working with a Rec2Rec, such as Twelve Recruitment, is how simplified the interview process becomes! When you apply for jobs individually, you have to answer so many more questions, send out so many more applications, and it could become such a confusing process that you won't be able to recall what jobs you have applied for. Once an application has been successful, your confusion continues to grow. Normally, you will have to go through multiple stages to even land a chance at an offer, have to chase them for feedback, and prepare/coach yourself. With Twelve Recruitment, we consider you for all the roles we are working on. This means your application is not limited to just one job, but several. Over the past years, our relationship with our clients has progressed into becoming their trusted advisors, so we are able to condense the interview process into a smaller amount of stages, and in these interviews you will always be meeting key decision makers. Throughout the entire course of working together, we will always be providing you with feedback about your interview technique and substance, preparing you about the client and their business, and be as supportive as possible. 
What is the Interview Process with Twelve Recruitment?
At Twelve Recruitment, our interview process starts when we receive a vacancy from our client. Next, we will either write advertisements describing the requirements of the role or proactively search for someone who has all the necessary qualifications on job boards and social media channels. Once we have your contact details, we will begin to engage you in the entire process by qualifying you in more detail over the telephone. At this stage, we will ask you questions about your CV, your knowledge of the industry and role you applied for, and what you specifically you are looking for in your career. If both of our interests are aligned and we believe we have the correct fit for you, then we will progress your application on to the next stage. Here we will talk you through what roles we believe would be suitable and give a comprehensive overview about the company. If the places we describe are companies you can see yourself representing, then we set up an interview with the business’s key decision maker, and continually offer you advise and coaching. We will set up as many different interviews as you desire! Eventually, you will be successful in the process, and receive an offer. Our help does not stop here! We will act as an advisory board throughout the negotiation period and even continue to follow-up when you start the role to ensure everything is going accordingly. The entire process can be as short as a week or spread out to a couple of weeks. A lot of external factors such as your availability to interview or the company desired start date determine the actually length of the process. It is Twelve Recruitment’s mission to make this process as fast, transparent, and simple as possible for you.
What happens in a Face to Face Interview with Twelve Recruitment?
If you have been invited in for a face to face interview with us here at Twelve Recruitment, congratulations! This means you have already progressed from the preliminary telephone interviews and we see potential in you to be a suitable fit for our clients. On the backend of this, we will send you across a confirmation email that contains more information and a few attachments about recruitment to help you prepare even more for our interview. It is critical that you go through these to get a true understanding of the role. Moreover, on the day of the actual interview, make sure you are well-dressed, groomed, and on time. This will be the first impression we get of you in person, and yes they do matter. During the actual interview, we will ask you questions about your CV, about your personality/skill traits, about your commitment to recruitment, and about all the technicalities involved with interviewing (start date, ideal culture, salary expectation, and so on). After this point, we get together as a team to determine if you would be the right fit for our clients and vice versa. If successful, we start the process immediately by setting up interviews with our clients as soon as possible. 
What happens in a Video Interview with Twelve Recruitment?
If you have been invited to conduct a video interview with us here at Twelve Recruitment, congratulations! We imagine that it might be a bit difficult for you to travel into our offices from our initial telephone screening. Instead of waiting for a time that works for both of us, we want to speed this process up to make sure you have the best chance of securing this position before anyone else does. We have partnered with StemX to introduce an approach to interviewing that will appease your situation. With a video interview, you are able to continue the process from the comfort of your own home and on your own accord! All we ask is for you to answer a couple pre-screening questions and then record yourself answering three more specific questions. All candidates are subjected to the same questions, and everybody only has 30 seconds to answer these questions. Shortly after, we will review your video and if we see a good fit on behalf of our clients, we will continue to move your application along the recruitment process!
What is the difference between HR and Recruitment?
It is easy to see the similarities between HR and recruitment, but the line separating these two should not be blurred. These are two completely different roles. The main aspect distinguishing these two careers is that recruitment is very much so, a sales-driven role. Recruitment Consultants constantly are involved in selling their services to candidates and clients. People within HR do have a recruiting aspect in their career, but nothing to the extent that Recruitment Consultants do. People working within HR also have no sales-driven responsibilities. Meanwhile, Recruitment Consultants have to actively pursue job vacancies, put forth (sell) suitable candidates to their clients, have to consistently maintain and create new relationships with candidates and clients alike, and much more.   
Do I need Prior Sales Experience to Work in Recruitment?
There is no explicit rule that says you must have prior sales experience to work within recruitment! All of our clients, that have roles available for graduates, will invest in you through rigorous, in-depth training. Here you will learn about the best tactics and techniques to use for your specific industry, the ins and outs of your industry, and whatever else the company sees necessary for you to have in your arsenal in order to progress within the company. If you do have prior sales experience then great! Not only will our clients be eager to meet with you before anyone without sales experience, but we have more roles that do require prior sales experience available for you to interview at!
What would be the best way to contact Twelve Recruitment?
There are various ways to get in contact with Twelve Recruitment. The best way would be to apply through our advertisements on the website or to fill out a contact form on the ‘Contact’ section found at the top of the website. Alternatively, you can also register your CV or LinkedIn profile on our website through the ‘Register’ section! In addition to this, you can phone us or send us an email. Our office number is 0203 587 7512, while all emails can be sent to