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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of working with a Rec2Rec firm?
The main benefit of working with a Rec2Rec firm is the amount of time is saves your company. The recruitment process is long and hard to say the least. Rec2Rec firms would take care of all of your hiring needs and manage the recruitment process to ensure that you only see the best available. You will have more time to focus on your actual business, while we source candidates on your behalf. We will sit down with you and have a thorough conversation on what you are exactly looking for in a hire. Then, using our sourcing methods, we will grow a pool of potential candidates and sift through applicants until we have the very best available for you. Finally, after our screening process, we only put forth candidates that have passed through our checklist to final stages with you. All the while, you have had the peace of mind to efficiently run your business, and just need to give the final say of yes or no to your new hire.
How can I get the terms of business?
The best way to receive Twelve Recruitment’s Terms of Business would be to contact Matt. Matt is the owner of the business and is always open for a call to discuss a collaborative partnership. There are a couple ways to get in contact with Matt. One way would be to fill out a contact form that can be found on the ‘Contact’ section located at the top of the webpage. Alternatively, you can contact Matt directly through email at or through telephone at 0203 587 7512. 
Why are sales teams important?
A sales team is a crucial function for any business. If you imagine your business as a car, a sales division would be the fuel tank that keeps you moving forward. A sales team is what generates fees and ensures you have money to keep your business moving forward. You may already have many different divisions operating in your business, but they would not maximise the potential profits of your company like a sales division would. A sales team’s sole focus is on promoting your product/service and generating you revenue. With a large amount of revenue available, you will be able to grow your business, develop your business plans, and continue to earn even higher amounts of revenue.
What industries does Twelve Recruitment operate within?
Twelve Recruitment does not focus on working within specific industries. We currently have clients ranging from the Technology sector all the way to Pharmaceuticals. Instead, Twelve Recruitment focuses on finding candidates who have a strong understanding of and are committed to working in sales-driven roles. Sales are ubiquitous and cover all industries. Every business has a need to generate fees and that is what salespeople are there for. We focus on a broad spectrum of industries, but the majority of our clients fit into recruitment for the Legal and Finance & Accounting sectors.
What are the different packages offered?
The services that Twelve Recruitment has to offer can be broken down to three simple packages. The packages that you can select from are a Managed Campaign, a Targeted Campaign, and an Exclusive Campaign. Each packages provides a different route of finding potential future talent for your business. The specific options within each package can be broken down even further. We will consult you throughout the whole selection process to make sure that the route you have chosen to pursue will be the right option for you company.
What is a Managed Campaign?
Most recently, our most popular package has been the Managed Campaign option; companies love the services we offer through this campaign. If you are considering building a new team within your company or want to grow quickly, this may be the best option for you. In a Managed Campaign, Twelve Recruitment will take the reins in recruiting employees who have potential to catapult you into the future. The main highlight of this package is that it is a reoccurring process. This means that we will recruit candidates, train and grow them, and then repeat the process until you have hit the level of employment/ growth that you desire. Using specifically branded advertisements, workshops, and assessment days, we will ensure that not only will you be satisfied with the quality of candidates we put forward, but you will take pride in your new representatives of your business.
What is a Targeted Campaign?
Do you need graduates to work for you? Are you interested in taking your first steps into graduate recruitment? Well instead of spending countless hours searching for that candidate, let Twelve Recruitment do the hard work for you via our Targeted Campaign! In this option, we will put out advertisements only for your role and source candidates that hit every qualifications you desire in this position. We are happy to use our tactics and expertise within recruitment to find any position that you need filling.
What is an Exclusive Campaign?
An exclusive campaign would be the best option if you are looking for someone to handle your recruiting needs and problems. Twelve Recruitment is here to fill that recruiting gap within your company! We have been trusted numerous times before by different companies to guide them through the recruitment processes. We will identify a list of the best available candidates, determine their suitability to work for you, and manage them throughout the whole process. The entire time you are looking to fill your vacancies, we will provide you our undivided attention and deliver a dedicated service. We act as an advisory board throughout the entire process. We facilitate the process to make it as easy as possible on your side. Work with Twelve Recruitment exclusively to ensure you get exactly what you need.
How does Twelve Recruitment source candidates?
Twelve Recruitment has various ways of sourcing our candidates. Candidate sourcing starts with posting advertisements on all the top job boards. We can curate our advertisements in any specific manner and can include any particular content that you may want. In addition to posting advertisements on job boards, we also have access to their database of CV’s uploaded. All our consultants are trained in the most efficient way to optimise their advertisement and the best way to receive concise results when conducting CV searches. Likewise, we have our own internal database that has been added to consistently since our inception. Twelve Recruitment also partakes in actively sourcing candidates through social media, and more specifically, LinkedIn. Regardless of the initial source we receive our candidates through, we will adamantly continue to search and select candidates that are the appropriate fit for you.
What happens in a face to face interview with Twelve Recruitment?
When we invite potential candidates into our office for a face to face interview on your behalf, we have already engaged them in the interview process and partially qualified them via an initial telephone interview or video interview. We believe it is key to meet the candidates in person before we put them in front of you. We assess the potential candidates as soon as they enter our offices. We take their outfit, initial greeting, and body language all into consideration when making our final decisions. In the interview, we question them on their CV (work experience, education, and any concerns), question them on their commitment and understanding of the specific role they applied for, and question them on all the logistics behind hiring them (their location, availability, and expectations). After the interview has concluded, we get together as a team to determine their suitability to work for you and only push forward the candidates that we believe you would absolutely love.          
What are video interviews?
Twelve Recruitment strives to make the recruitment process as easy and simple as possible for both clients and candidates. We have partnered with an external video interviewing platform called StemX to help achieve our goal of facilitating the recruitment process. This platform helps us speed up putting potential candidates through the process. We have a set framework of a few pre-screening questions to get a feel for their writing style and professionalism, and then, candidates are asked to recorded themselves answering industry-based questions in a thirty second timeslot that is limited to one take. On the backend of this, we will then invite them in for a face-to-face with us prior to bringing them in front of you.
What are assessment days?
An assessment day is a specialised group interview process. Twelve Recruitment thrives on and dedicates ourselves to organising an assessment day alongside our client. Typically, we would hold these in your offices and bring in between 10-16 extremely suitable candidates (that we have already interviewed and screen) based on the specific needs of your company. The schedule normally follows these guidelines: first, a presentation by us and then one by your company, next, we proceed onto group activities and scenario-driven examples, and last, candidates would be invited into one-on-one interviews to end the day. You can focus on a handful of candidates that have shined throughout the day or invite everyone; we are happy to craft the day to your liking! Our only requirement for the day is working towards filling all of your current vacancies.
How can assessment days benefit my company?
The main benefit of an assessment day is the simplicity it offers for you! The entire interview process is compiled into one day of assessing and determining the suitability of the candidates we would put forward. Instead of holding multiple stages strung throughout different days, everything is combined into one day. Throughout the day, you can involve as many current employees as you want too; it is important to really get someone that has all the technical requirements for your role, but is also the right cultural fit for your company. Assessment days are also the best tool to use if you are looking to hire more than one person at a time. If you are looking to start a team of four new employees within your company, we would set up an assessment day with candidates that fit all your requirements and would be the correct hire for your offices. At the end of the day, the decision ultimately lies with you. Our clients have loved the results of the assessment days we have put on for them!
What is psychometric testing?
Psychometric testing is a new addition to our services that is available as an option within our campaigns. This test brings the psychological aspect of hiring into the process. It can also be seen as a non-emotional element to hiring that tells you the exact science behind the selling style of the potential candidate, what their behavioral attitudes are, and can determine if they are the right cultural fit for your company! During the test, your potential candidates will answer an online questionnaire that determine what would be the best way to manage them and where their behavioral strengths and weaknesses lie.
What are the benefits of psychometric testing?
There are many benefits of psychometric testing. When a candidate undergoes testing, we will send a full report of the findings right to you. This report will show you a plethora of information, but more importantly, psychometric testing tells you how to grow the candidate professionally, what would be the most efficient manner of training them, and what would be the correct way to manage them. You will also receive graphical representations of your candidate’s core competencies and behaviors, along with, tailored questions that will help you determine the candidate’s suitability and reduce the potential of having a costly ‘bad’ hire. Psychometric testing has been proven to raise the rate of success in onboarding employees while reducing the risks of hiring.