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Welcome to Twelve Recruitment
Thinking it´s time for a new challenge?

Welcome to Twelve Recruitment

Twelve Recruitment specialises in Sales Recruitment Consultancy with a direct focus on finding new fee earning talent, ranging from entry level to directors, for companies.
We only work with the best that the market has to offer and never compromise on our expert approach. When we source candidates we only select the ones we believe can sync right into your workforce and produce the best results. Our steadfast integrity and unsurpassed passion for excellence will ensure you receive the best option possible.

The scope of our expertise includes onboarding a business’s first sales star to aiding the growth of a well-versed hiring sales team. Our assistance spans through sales and non-sales agencies; our options are listed below where we can exclusively source candidates, train and provide business consultancy.

We have had great success on installing sales teams, heads of sales, and multiple/single hires as well. We can proudly boast that, whatever role you are looking for, we can fill it to the best of our ability. Twelve Recruitment have introduced psychometric profiling to add a non-emotional element to your decision-making process and video interviews to help make the process easier.

Our dedication and integrity allow us to decide that sometimes we are not the right company to partner with you on certain roles, meaning when we engage on a mandate you get time and attention from our committed team.
If you require new sales talent, then get in touch via our registration process or by contacting us direction through phone or

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