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What Makes a Good Graduate Recruitment Strategy: Part 1 - Recruitment

If you are serious about graduate recruitment you need to carefully consider the process. We have ample experience in this area and thought we should share our expertise as a guide for those considering taking on more graduates. 

Step 1 - Deciding what you need

Decide how many graduates you need hiring and when for - remember the best graduates are likely to be gone 3-4 months before finishing university. You will need a clear profile of what roles you want to fill, what you want to see on a graduates’ CV and what personality traits they should have. 

Step 2 - Planning your grad system 

Think about how will you find them, what induction will they need and what training you should provide. 

Step 3 - Start advertising 

Consider different advertising channels, including jobs boards, graduate recruiters and graduate fairs. 

Step 4 - Personality matrix

Create a personality matrix for you to use in graduate interviews. This should help you gauge how proactive, hungry and ambitious these graduates are.

Step 5 - Set expectations for all grad hires

The expectations of the graduate hires should be discussed by your senior team. Before any graduates are hired these expectations should be clear and agreed upon by both parties.

Step 6 - Interviews booked

All interviews should have at least 2 stages. You should try and interview your graduates in quick succession so you can compare them easier. If you are planning on hiring for a few positions you could run an assessment day and meet several graduates at once.

Step 7 - Job offers

When you have decided to offer a successful graduate a job, make sure to show them around the office and introduce them to the team. 

Step 8 - Send out contracts 

Get these agreed and signed as soon as possible. 

Step 9 - Ensure induction is ready for their first day

Watch out for our next job on graduate recruitment strategy for tips on this area.

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