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What Makes a Successful Assessment Day

We arrange assessment days for our clients to showcase some of our most promising candidates in an efficient and effective way. Below are some ideas for getting the most out of your next assessment day. 


Keep it to small groups of candidates. The exact size should depend on how many positions you are recruiting for. For example, if there are 5 positions you should invite around 12 candidates. 


Don’t make it a full day, keep it to a 5hr session in the morning or afternoon and include plenty of short refreshment breaks and an hour lunch break. This prevents the flow of the day being interrupted by people having to excuse themselves and a lunch hour can be a great opportunity for your team to meet candidates and experience their networking abilities firsthand. 

During the day give each candidate an allotted time to have a short interview with a senior team member. It can be hard to gauge the potential of candidates without giving them a little one-to-one time. 

Tasks and activities

  • Make the tasks as creative and fun as possible.
  • Ask them to introduce themselves in an interesting way. For example, you could ask them to describe a talent, ultimate dream or tell a funny story.
  • Group activities are a good way to see how they communicate and work together. We often assign each member a group a different character to play and ask them to imagine they are on a sinking ship and need to decide which of their characters should be allowed on a lifeboat with limited space.
  • Include scenario-based questions that relate to real-world situations recruiters will be faced with.
  • Do a presentation about the history and goals of your agency and include stories about your most successful team members.
  • Give them constant feedback throughout the day so they will know to change their approach if it isn’t working and monitor how they respond to your feedback.

Other things to consider

  • Don’t expect them to be perfect.
  • Make it clear to candidates that bossing people around and talking over people won’t win them the job.
  • It can be a good idea to tell your interviewers not to look through candidates’ CVs until the one-to-one interview to avoid judging them before you have met them.
  • Remember to sell your company you need to impress the candidates just as they need to impress you. 
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