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12 Ideal Character Traits for a Career in Recruitment

At Twelve Recruitment we are big believers in using psychometric testing to understand what makes a good recruiter. Below are some of the character traits we have found the most successful recruiters will have. 

Passionate and persuasive

Anyone who can demonstrate a passion for the role will be more successful at enticing top candidates and pitching them in the best and most persuasive possible way to clients. 

Competitive, motivated and results-driven 

The best recruiters will strive to be the best and will go above and beyond to make that happen. 

Clam and Confident 

Being able to keep their cool in a stressful situation will be far better at negotiating the best deals and instilling trust in candidates and clients. 


Preparing candidates for interviews can require a patient, thoughtful, almost maternal approach. Those that show a good level of support for candidates and clients are more likely to be able to nurture long-lasting relationships and repeat business. 

Outgoing and charismatic

Being able to engage your clients in conversation and get your candidates to open-up about what they want in their career and their personal history makes it easier to find roles and make placements. 

Commercially minded

Being able to sell yourself and your company’s specific approach is vital for any sales-based role. People who are motivated by money are also likely to make the hardest working recruiters. 


Even the best recruiters will lose clients and jobs. Good recruiters won’t be demotivated by failures like these and will relish the challenges that can come with difficult clients and candidates who might not always fulfil their end of the bargain.

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