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4 Ways to Support Graduates Through Their First Week of Recruitment

Your first week in any role can be challenging. However, through our experience indoctrinating graduates into the world of recruitment, we have learnt there are several things you can do to help ensure a great first week.

Clear plan

You should always provide graduates with a simple plan of what they will learn in their first week and what they can expect to achieve. Part of this plan should involve setting longer-term targets for their first 3, 6 and 12 months.

Don’t expect too much

Remember, for many graduates this will not only be their first week in recruitment but also their first week in an office job. Graduates are usually great at using computers, social media and learning how to use new programmes; but they can sometimes take a while to understand the best way you communicate with colleagues, clients and candidates as well as other office etiquettes.

Provide the support of a mentor

Assigning a mentor is a great way to overcome teething problems and ensure smooth assimilation into the team and role. A more senior member of staff can help with pastoral support as well as teaching them elements of the role and how to complete more complex processes. 

Create a visual tracking method or game 

It can often be a good idea to ask a graduate hire to come up with a fun and creative way of tracking their own progression. This could be a colourful diagram that shows what new skills and processes they have learned when they learned them and what they are aiming to achieve next.

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