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6 Insights on Recruiting Millenials

By 2020 millennials will make up 50% of the global workforce. So organisations looking hire new staff should focus on attracting this generation, also known as Generation Y. 

Extrinsically rather than intrinsically motivated

The millennial candidates we meet are usually more motivated by external rewards, a focus on corporate social responsibility and recognition for their achievements. This has led to more graduates being tempted by recruitment jobs in smaller companies where they can action change quickly and get the approval they deserve. 

Great at learning  

We have noticed our younger candidates seem less likely to hold knowledge they do not use every day. However, they are faster learners and better at applying knowledge to complete new tasks. 

6 in 10 Millennials are open to new jobs

Millennials are more likely to accept new job offers than previous generations. This means that companies should try harder to keep them happy. However, it also means that recruitment companies have a wider pool of available candidates providing they can find them more attractive job prospects. 

They expect detailed jobs descriptions

Millennials consider minimal job descriptions as the biggest annoyance when it comes to job adverts. Ensure you fully explain the details and duties of the role to attract as many millennials as possible. 

Keep in contact

Millennials will be put off by the lack of a confirmation email, no feedback on their applications and no notice when a job has been filled. To keep them interested recruiters should set up automated emails and keep their candidates informed throughout the recruitment process.

They are focussed on progression

Millennials are more likely to have set clear goals for their careers and tend to expect better progression than previous generations. This means recruiters should focus on CPD, training and candidate success stories when pitching roles to millennials. It’s also a good idea to breakdown the progression and training structure of a job so millennials know what they can expect in their first quarter, 6 months and first year. 

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