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Twelve Recruitment: How to find a job using Twitter

If you were asked to find your next job on social media, the chances are that you’d head straight to LinkedIn to start networking and looking for vacancies at your favourite brands. But have you ever considered Twitter to interact with employers and demonstrate why you should be chosen as an employee? Below, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know.


Create a professional profile

If you're an active tweeter and post about your favourite TV shows and weekends out on the town, we recommend setting up a separate profile for professional use. Your profile is your one chance to impress employers, so add an appropriate profile picture and header image, and write your biography carefully. Avoid words like "aspiring" or "graduate", and instead, label yourself as a professional. For the link, sign up to a website like Portfoliobox or Carbonmade and create an online portfolio where you can show off work and experience.


Don’t follow your friends

Creating a Twitter account for your professional endeavours should mean you stay that way – professional. Avoid following friends and family (keep your personal account for that), and instead, follow brands and professionals that you'd like to network with. Businesses with "meet the team" pages usually allow you to follow staff members on Twitter; trawl through the internet and find relevant accounts that you can follow. Also be sure to check out news outlets and blogs that post industry news – doing so shows you're passionate about the industry and will keep you in the loop with important developments that may come in useful during interviews.


Start networking

Try not to worry about your follower ratio, and instead start networking with individuals that could prove useful in your job search. Take part in Twitter hours (dedicated hours of the week where local professionals come together to discuss their industry), and reach out to people on a one-to-one basis if you want to ask them a question.


Promote yourself

If you have a blog, then tweet out your latest article once in a while to show your followers that you’re a valuable member of their timeline. Don’t be overly promotional, though, as doing so can be off-putting and could lead you to be unfollowed. Be sensible and professional in your approach to networking, and you’ll be rewarded.


We’ve put together just some of the ways you can use Twitter to land a job. If you’re not social, then don’t worry – we’ve listed a whole host of open vacancies on our find a job page.

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